/ Interactive online platform for hybrid Münchener Bücherschau

Interactive online platform for hybrid Münchener Bücherschau

The 62. Münchener Bücherschau, which takes place as part of the Literaturfest München from 18 November to 5 December, will be carried out as a hybrid event this year. For this occasion, Fabrik19 developed a new and interactive online platform in cooperation with Medientage München and Bücherschau München. The majority of the platform’s features is accessible without registration and free of charge.

Hybrid concept enables on-site and digital visits

Due to the hybrid concept of this year’s Bücherschau München, visitors can discover new books both on site in the Gasteig in compliance with the 3G regulation and online on the digital platform created by us. Furthermore, the additional online format enables numerous international authors to take part in this festival for reading enthusiasts.

Therefore, a visit is not tied to the opening times and can be conducted comfortably from one’s own sofa. In addition to the book exhibition, the program includes special exhibitions that can be explored on the digital platform as well. Plus, the numerous events such as readings, book talks and reading campaigns will also be available as on-demand-streams. Readings by international authors will take place exclusively online via livestream.

Bücherschau digital”, which is once again taking place in cooperation with Medientage GmbH, was set up by us with an individual layout on the basis of the Medientage München online platform. We were able to gain experience in this area during the Medientage München 2021, which presented a new book area and also took place in a hybrid format. That experience was of great use for the configuration of the “Bücherschau digital” platform. Most of the online exhibition is accessible free of charge and without registration. Visitors only need to purchase tickets for some events in the program.

Interactive online platform with numerous exciting features

A particularly broad spectrum of exhibitors is presented on the online platform. Each of those exhibitors determines the size and content of their digital exhibition stand themselves. At the individual stands, visitors can get an overview of the publisher’s current program, the latest new publications, numerous book trailers or reading samples and various author portraits. A good overview is guaranteed since all additional content is assigned directly to the respective book cover in the form of symbols. These symbols are a new function, which is intended to provide a better overview and greater accessibility. Thus, it is immediately noticeable which additional content if offered for each book.

The watch list is a particularly helpful function for interesting books can be added to the watch list while browsing. At the end of the event, the list can be downloaded as a PDF file. In addition, an external shop search has been integrated into the portal. This way, visitors can search for suitable bookstores in the region. A general search function simplifies the search after specific books, authors or publishers. In an additional area, visitors will find an overview of all the events taking place and be directed to the respective streams. Moreover, visitors can also subscribe to the event’s newsletter to not miss any exciting events on the program.

Content management with Strapi and the Onyx interface

For this year’s online platform, the content management system Strapi is used as an exhibitor backend to manage the content of the portal. Each exhibitor has their own access and is therefore able to independently configure their online appearance and individual digital content. Onyx, which was a new tool we worked with that turned out to be profitable, serves as the interface for data management. The aim of working with Strapi and Onyx is to make handling the digital exhibition stand as easy as possible for the exhibitors; however, we are available at any time throughout the event in case any questions arise. We also intended to provide a good overview for end users so that they can explore the digital exhibition booths pictorially.

Overall, Fabrik19 have created a clearly manageable and user-friendly digital exhibition portal that focuses on books and offers visitors the opportunity to browse for books comfortably. Additionally, visitors are presented with the possibility of exploring the diverse content of the online platform even after the event itself has come to an end. We see the current challenges as an opportunity to emphasize a more digital or hybrid approach towards the topic of book fairs. We are pleased that we can again provide technical support for the Münchener Bücherschau this year and thank them for their trust. The platform itself is designed for the coming years, and feedback from users and exhibitors will play a decisive role in terms of further development.

We gladly took up the challenge of digitalizing an exhibition, including its events. The demand for hybrid event formats and attractive digital solutions will increase regardless of the current situation. Our products support this demand. In addition to the implementation of complete digital exhibition and fair portals, we also offer individual components such as systems for online conferences, networking tools and of course modern apps.

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