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One code - infinite possibilities.

Our Mobility Suite mos. provides the connection between your idea and the finished digital product. As the Mobility Suite enables the implementation of mobile applications for different end devices, it doesn't matter whether it's an application for a smartphone, tablet or kiosk system. Our low-code approach opens limitless possibilities for your projects.

Welcome to the world of mos.

What exactly is mos.?

Mobility Suite mos. is a premium software for creating native mobile applications in the shortest time and highest quality.

The Mobility Suite is an innovative low-code-based framework for creating and customizing native mobile applications. The suite was created with the goal of standardization and automation and is used by us and numerous other companies in the areas of consumer and enterprise applications.

mos. offers the possibility to implement very cost-effective mobile applications for different types of end devices and mobile operating systems. The "code once, run anywhere" approach is followed. mos. offers possibilities to create native mobile apps without individual development by modeling so-called "blueprints", which are then displayed on the respective end devices. This is done using the building blocks, components and UI concepts already defined in mos. that are used for the mobile apps.

Our technology
is your advantage.

With the Mobility Suite mos. you have the right technology for your app project at hand. Discover your most important advantages at a glance:


With the help of the Mobility Suite mos. you can create mobile applications of any kind and roll them out automatically in the app stores.

Your data

Your data, content giving and taking systems like CMS, social media, ERP, CRM etc., are connected without app customizations.


Changes to the design and functionality are possible at any time - without a new rollout via AppStore, MDM or other distribution.

All plattforms

The effort per app is radically reduced by using mos. One configuration, all platforms.

Native Power

No "construction kit": Customized design, intuitive user experience, full offline capability, full functional access to the device.


Configuration of native apps for smartphone, tablet and kiosk systems - individually and without development effort.

We are out there with you.

To get some idea of how widespread our technology is, here are some numbers for you.


Development days of our technology


Delivered apps


Overall installations


Accesses per day

Who can benefit
from mos.?

Anyone who wants to develop an app. It doesn't matter if it's your own app or your customers' ideas. Discover some of the solution packages we have already implemented with our implementation partners.

Provide current offers and promotions to your customers with an app.

Customer relationships rethought: Offer digital business cards or a useful service app.

Turn your event into an unforgettable experience with digital visitor management.

Create the fan experience for the pocket and share information on match schedules, tables, news & co.

Make your property management processes easier with digital applications.

Together with you, we develop the currently most relevant smart city applications.

With the white-label solutions by mos. you can easily scale your app projects as needed.

This was just a selection of the endless possibilities you have with our Mobility Suite. We look forward to your idea!

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