/ Mobile trends of 2023 – From a technological viewpoint

Mobile trends of 2023 – From a technological viewpoint

In the first part of our articles on mobile trends of 2023, we already took a look at popular developments from a user perspective. Now, let’s focus on the technical developments that will affect the mobile world in the near future.

The future of mobile development: What technology has in store for us in 2023

Mobile business processes

Mobility is essential for innovative companies nowadays. Business processes that are executable in a mobile way help reduce cycle times by optimizing manual tasks through digitization. This optimization can be achieved by using special software or certain tools. And they are used in apps more and more often. Because if the necessary data is always at hand, decisions can be made directly. Thus, the process quality can be improved in the long term. A good example for this is the employee app for industrial production companies, in which the staff can call up and document their working hours, progress in the production process as well as important news and files directly in the app.

Accessibility in UX design

Accessibility in mobile applications is becoming increasingly important. Apps should be accessible to all users without physical, motor or language limitations playing a role. The technology nowadays offers a multitude of possibilities here, but also a multitude of different requirements. A user-friendly interface and simple operation are now mandatory. However, easily legible fonts and adjustable font sizes as well as high color contrast also contribute to improved readability and support users with visual impairments. In addition, alt text for images and graphics, audio descriptions and voice control are other ways to make an application accessible for everyone. Moreover, an extension of accessibility can also be guaranteed by a variety of available languages in the app.

Mobile technologies are subject to constant change – driven both by the basic technology and by user requirements.

Cross-platform apps and low-code app development

Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone series has more than 50 different models by now. The increasing number of mobile devices with individual hardware specifications, operating systems, functions, and versions requires innovative solutions in application development. Therefore, cross-platform apps are becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to this form of development, only a single app needs to be developed, which is then available on multiple platforms such as iOS or Android and can be adapted to individual models. This saves time and resources since a separate development for different platforms is no longer necessary.

One approach that simplifies this even further is low-code app development. It enables companies to quickly and easily create applications without the need for in-depth programming or expertise. Low-code platforms offer a user-friendly interface that makes the development process easier and more efficient. It’s also cost-effective and accelerates time-to-market. Companies can react quickly to changes and adapt their apps to new requirements without delays or additional costs.

For instance, our premium software, the Mobility Suite mos., is such a cross-platform technology that follows a low-code approach. Read more about it here.

The era of mobile technologies and devices

The world of mobile technologies offers many trends from different areas this year. Mobile devices and apps have become an integral part of everyday life, which is why it is of great importance that mobile applications meet current requirements. As a technology company, we naturally follow the current trends in the field of mobile technologies and always strive to integrate them into our products. From gamification over mCommerce to cross-platform development – we offer solutions based on the latest developments in the mobile world. Plus, as app development experts, we can help you turn your ideas into reality and develop an application that meets the needs of today. Feel free to contact us.

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In the first part of our articles on mobile trends of 2023, we already took a look at popular developments from a user perspective. Now, let's focus on the technical developments that will affect the mobile world in the near future...

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