/ Mobile trends of 2023 – What users want

Mobile trends of 2023 – What users want

The time we spend on our smartphones daily is steadily increasing.

Mobile technologies have changed our lives significantly in recent years. Thanks to powerful smartphones and tablets, we are doing more and more things on the go. This also has a major impact on app development, as the demand for high-quality apps has increased considerably. According to an analysis by AppAnnie, smartphone use has increased by 30 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year. This points to a varied and exciting year full of new trends and innovations on a mobile level in 2023.

The future of mobile development: User trends in 2023

Virtual reality and augmented reality

In recent months, the emergence of metaverse trends has attracted a lot of attention. They involve users in intensive and immersive experiences in a computer-generated virtual world and thus make the topics of virtual reality and augmented reality cutting edge again. However, this it not only true for the Metaverse. A 2022 report predicts that the AR software market will grow at 57% each year through 2028. Trends such as the integration of augmented reality into mobile devices, live stream shopping with AR and increasing the efficiency of business processes with it will support this development and enable new experiences for users.

Virtual reality is also becoming increasingly common in various industries, such as healthcare, education, and business. AR and VR elements are popular in tourism, as well. For instance, they can be used for city tours or an appealing presentation of historical events and personalities. With a mobile device, users can explore places in a completely new way with the help of augmented or virtual reality.


In 2021, mobile gaming users invested 52% more in games than before. This shows that the potential of mobile gaming remains promising in the years to come. However, playful content and gaming elements are also integrated into applications beyond the gaming sector more often these days. This is due to the fact that users increasingly expect interactive and entertaining experiences that go beyond the pure use of an app. And Gamification offers exactly that. By integrating playful elements such as reward systems, challenges and rankings, app providers can increase their user’s attention and engagement. For instance, fitness apps motivate their users to be more active and do more sport this way, while learning apps integrate playful elements to make learning more interesting and effective.

Bild zeigt einen User, der eine mobile App auf einem Tablet nutzt. Immer öfter greifen NutzerInnen anstelle des Desktops lieber zum mobilen Endgerät. Das ist eine der Trends der letzten Jahre, der immer weiter zunimmt.
More and more often, users prefer to use mobile devices instead of desktops.

Mobile commerce growth

mCommerce, or mobile commerce, refers to purchasing goods and services through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This trend has grown rapidly in recent years and hence is of great importance for companies. Because an increasing number of customers shop on mobile devices. A user-friendly and functional mobile commerce app can help customers get a quick overview of products and lead them to show a higher willingness to buy due to a pleasant app experience. Plus, they enable companies to grow their business and increase their sales over time. Moreover, by offering their products and services to a larger audience, companies can increase their presence on a global scale. As a result, mCommerce applications offer companies the opportunity to strengthen their brand presence and establish a direct connection with their customers.

Dark mode

Ever since the 2019 iOS13 update, dark mode has been a popular trending topic. In contrast to the usual light-on-dark design, the dark mode enables a screen design that is easy on the user’s eyes and puts less strain on the battery of the mobile device. Since it is an established and overall accepted design by now, a new trend is emerging. Many apps now offer alternative colors such as dark green, blue and brown in addition to the usual black and anthracite tones. This increases the appeal of the dark mode even more. These alternative theme options offer users a way to satisfy and personalize their growing interest in dark themes. Also, users can enjoy an even more immersive mobile experience through highlighted theme elements.

In part two of our blog series on current mobile trends, we take a look at what technology has in store for us in terms of trending topics in 2023.

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Mobile technologies have changed our lives significantly in recent years. Thanks to powerful smartphones and tablets, we are doing more and more things on the go. This also has a major impact on app development, as the demand for...