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Beitragsbild zum Showcase der Muencher Buecherschau und Muenchner Buecherschau junior mit Screenshots des junior Portals
Experiencing the Münchner Bücherschau (junior) virtually with our interactive online platform!

For the Münchner Bücherschau and the Münchner Bücherschau junior, we continuously work on the optimization of our digital book platform together with our long-standing partner Medien.Bayern GmbH.

The platform allows you to browse through the exhibitions of the Münchner Bücherschau and the Münchner Bücherschau junior from the comfort of your sofa. This way, interested parties who cannot attend on site have the opportunity to also participate in the event. In addition to the exhibitions, numerous events are offered either directly in Munich or as a live stream. Visitors of the platform can easily mark books as favorites and discover additional content for their favorite books. Most of the online exhibition is available without registration and free of charge.

You can find more information about the online platform of the Münchner Bücherschau here. Further information on the Münchner Bücherschau junior is available here.

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