/ The online portal for the Münchner Bücherschau junior 2022

The online portal for the Münchner Bücherschau junior 2022

On March 12, 2022, the 16th Münchner Bücherschau junior will start. As a long-standing technology partner of Medien.Bayern GmbH, we implemented this project to adapt and optimize the online portal of the exhibition. The event will take place in a hybrid format this year.

 Optimization of the online platform

The pandemic has forced the Medien.Bayern GmbH to conduct various events and book fairs since the beginning of 2020 either completely digitally or in a hybrid format. Thus, we had numerous opportunities to work on the online portals we have configured at the beginning of the pandemic. Therefore, we have now been able to build on what already existed and could focus entirely on optimizing and adapting the digital platform of the Münchner Bücherschau junior 2022. It was important to us to make the access as appealing and intuitive as possible for all interested parties. Plus, some features have been revised and optimized, but in total no major changes are apparent to the end customer.

The adjustments and optimizations we made this year are mainly related to the exhibitors’ access. Said access was slightly altered to be more user-friendly. We aimed at enabling publishers to make an ideal appearance on the online portal. Exhibitors only need to send us an Excel file with the ISBNs of the books and the links to the additional material they would like to see on their online presence. Then, we will add the data to the online platform. The handicraft material is entered manually by the Bücherschau editorial staff.

Hybrid format enables a more diverse offer

The key advantage of the hybrid format is that both the digital and the physical components can be used to the fullest possible extent. This way, visitors can view the exhibition and attend events on site as well as online. The online platform thus provides supporting features for on-site visits, but also acts as an alternative for on-site visits. This means that even book enthusiasts who cannot be present in person have the opportunity to take part in the Bücherschau junior. The chosen format gives children and other interested parties the best possible access to books. Because even during a pandemic, it is essential to promote reading.

The portal can be accessed without logging in and most of the events are offered free of charge. Visitors can discover the current children’s and youth programs while browsing through more than 80 publishers. With the appropriate filters, browsing for classics and new releases is a lot of fun for interested children, parents and educators. In the event area, they have the opportunity to take part in selected digital events. Special exhibitions will also be offered again this year. The media library is filled with audio and reading samples, book trailers and much more. Plus, there is also a “Handicrafts + more” area specifically designed for younger visitors. There, publishers offer numerous interactive activities.

Thanks to the close coordination with Medien.Bayern GmbH, we were able to adapt the portal to the needs of the target group in the best possible way. Our technical support team will also ensure that everything runs smoothly during the Bücherschau junior. Like last year, all visitors will be able to access the digital content after the end of the event.

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