/ Feierabend:digital #14 – Artificial Intelligence: Buzzword to concrete application

Feierabend:digital #14 – Artificial Intelligence: Buzzword to concrete application

Last Thursday, the “Feierabend:digital” event series on current digitalization topics took place for the 14th time. This time it was all about “Artificial Intelligence – Buzzword to concrete application”. Nils Seipel from MAGIE Makerspace Gießen gave a keynote speech in which he introduced the basics and areas of application of AI. The short lecture took place as part of the “AI for Startups” project, which is carried out by the Technologie- und Innovationszentrum Gießen GmbH and funded by the European Fund for Regional Development. The evening was moderated by Fabrik19 board member Mark Pralle and Lukas Koch from the J+P Gruppe.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Seipel described the imitation of human, intelligent behavior as the primary goal of AI. He went on to say that these systems are designed to analyze data sets, learn and even draw conclusions. Central aspects are pattern recognition and so-called neural networks. In order to work reliably, AI is particularly dependent on input from the user. Artificial intelligence therefore requires as much different input as possible from real use cases. Plus, the data has to be prepared in advance.

Artificial intelligence in use

Seipel used various examples to illustrate that AI is already being used everywhere today, for instance in cancer diagnoses, in agriculture and in the analysis of purchases. Both developing and training your own AI and using ready-made neural networks is possible. However, he also made it clear that it is not (yet) a “magic powder” that can solve all the problems of technology. In any case, it is certain that AI is a topic that is becoming more and more common in everyday life and will accompany us for a long time to come.

Discussions and networking in an after-work atmosphere

After the keynote speech, the discussion on the topic did not die down. Over pizza and cold drinks, the possibilities, developments, and dangers in relation to artificial intelligence were thoroughly discussed. Ethical questions also found their way into the discussion. The evening ended with a pleasant atmosphere and interesting conversations. This way, participants had the opportunity to process and discuss the impulses picked up during the lecture. Anyone who would like to learn more about AI can do so at www.tig-gmbh.de. As always, the event took place with the friendly support of the J+P Gruppe and the regional management of Central Hesse.

The next Feierabend:digital will take place on September 29th, 2022. As usual, you will find more detailed information on the topic and speaker soon.

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