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Industriekultur Mittelhessen – Website


Regionalmanagement Mittelhessen

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The website of the industrial culture of Central Hesse!

In cooperation with Regionalmanagement Mittelhessen, we at Fabrik19 have developed the website www.industriekultur-mittelhessen.de. The working group ‘Industriekultur Mittelhessen’ has selected over 300 objects in the region, which are listed on the website. “Central Hesse is a lively region with a future and a heritage. With this project, we make the production site visible and tangible,” said Dr. Christoph Ullrich, District President and Chairman of the Association of Central Hesse. This contributes to strengthening rural areas and presenting Central Hesse as an attractive living and economic area. An app, also developed by us, which synchronizes with the website, completes the offer.

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