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Industriekultur Mittelhessen – App


Regionalmanagement Mittelhessen

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Culture, Mobile, Region


A regional “open air museum” in app format

The “Industriekultur Mittelhessen” app bundles information on places of industrial culture in Central Hesse. It also includes regional events and guides users to the objects. The work group Industriekultur Mittelhessen selected over 300 objects in the region as a basis. These can be accessed via the website www.industriekultur-mittelhessen.de, which was created by Fabrik19. A selection of 150 places can be found in the app, which allows users to create an individual route according their interests.

28 locations are also equipped with a QR-Code. By scanning the code, app users can access exclusive content on the object. In addition, it is possible to use the app offline. Once there is an internet connection, the app automatically connects to the website and updates its content.

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