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Quartiere Duisburg – App


make better GmbH for Duisburg's Supply and Transport Company (DVV)

Implementation partner:

make better GmbH




Select, move in, live: The Quartiere Duisburg app accompanies new residents in Huckingen when they move into their new home.

New, attractive residential areas are currently being built throughout the city of Duisburg. The QUARTIERE DUISBURG app represents a central platform that offers all services related to the district. Fabrik19 developed the app as a partner of make better GmbH on behalf of the Duisburg Supply and Transport Company. Exclusive partners, such as the Sparkasse Duisburg, and property developers further enrich the offer.

During the first phase, the app accompanies real estate buyers from searching over financing and the purchase contract to moving in. It keeps users up to date on all important news about the district. Neighborhood checklists and exclusive services support new residents in planning everything right up to the time of moving in. Once you have arrived in your new home, the QUARTIERE DUISBURG app remains a helpful companion for everyday life in the district. Residents can use it to plan everything revolving around their house and garden, exchange ideas with new neighbors or find useful services for life in the neighborhood that can be ordered and used directly in the app.

The app starts with the marketing of the project “Am Alten Angerbach” in Duisburg-Huckingen. Interested parties can use an interactive map to find out more about the construction project and call up availability, key data and prices for all properties in the district. You can then use appropriate filters to search for your dream property and contact the developers and service providers directly. A financing offer for the desired property can be calculated directly via the app using the construction financing calculator of the Sparkasse Duisburg.

In future expansion stages, it will be possible to use the app as a digital assistant for everything revolving around moving in and living in the district. The app provides support with personal advice, practical checklists and exclusive partner services. Residents can book municipal services and administrative processes via a central Duisburg account. A smart overview and analysis of all costs in the neighborhood, such as rent, ancillary costs, heating and electricity costs or claimed services will also be possible.

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