/ Seltersweg Giessen – Digital Signage

Seltersweg Giessen – Digital Signage


BID-Seltersweg e.V.

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Digital Signage


Interactive digital signage systems for Giessen’s Seltersweg!

The two digital interactive steles attract many curious pedestrians. As an innovative and modern BID (Business Improvement District), Seltersweg e.V. in Giessen operates the double-sided steles together with our daughter company DISTAMA GmbH.

Information about event and sports dates, stores, service providers and restaurants, bus departure times, the weather situation and much more can be accessed. For example, the current copy of the Giessener Anzeiger – a real added value and the perfect addition to the mobile city app.

Distama uses the Mobility Suite mos. to realize the steles concept, so the steles get the data easily from the CMS of the Giessen App.

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