/ digitales dorfleben im Landkreis Gießen – App

digitales dorfleben im Landkreis Gießen – App


Landkreis Gießen

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City, Mobile, Region, Smart Region


Digital innovation in rural areas!

The “digitales dorfleben im Landkreis Gießen” app aims to strengthen rural areas with the help of digital innovations. Mutual exchange, networking, and spreading information among the residents are the focus of the application. Users can find answers to questions such as “What events are taking place today or at the weekend?”, “Who can help me in the garden?” or “When is the Citizens’ Administration Office open?” in the app.

The innovative functions of the app offer all participants added value and contribute to increasing the attractiveness of the villages and the entire district. This way, long-established and new residents as well as the old and the young can be connected. With the help of this app, life in the village will become a real alternative to life in the city again. Among other things, the app supports the exchange of information between citizens, offers a marketplace for buying and selling, and makes it easier to find and offer services.

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