The next Android version is now on the starting blocks. User of our Mobility Suite mos. enjoy the new features fully automatic.

Mobility Suite mos. will be updated carefully for all new version of the supported operated systems Android, iOS and Win10. User of the Suite enjoy the new features of Android 8 fully automated and without any effort.

The Logo of the upcoming Android Version is a circular O and is supposed to look like a  total solar eclipse. By no means a coincidence, since Google is planning a spectacle at the day of the total solar eclipse .

The next Android Version was announced for a long time and the Android Fans are waiting longingly. Leakexpert Evan Blass said via twitter that the 21th of august will be the day of release. Also, the Android-Police-Author David Ruddock comment on twitter the 21th of august as day of the release.

Furthermore Ruddock via Twitter: „It also sounds like Google is planning some degree of spectacle around this. It won’t just be a random “oh hey here’s a statue” thing.“

Google did not confirm the release-day up to now.

But what will be the name of the new Android-version? Usually Google named android-Versions after sweets. Android 7 is named Nougat, User could vote for this name. For the next Version this is not the case. It is assumed that the O stands for Oreo – soon we will know it.

Currently,  Android 6 „Marshmallow“, with 32%, is the most popular version. Followed by Lollipop, Android 5, with at least 30%.


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