The timetable is the heart of every event and the prime tool of communication, which the organizers can give to the visitors.
To offer the best-possible solution we wrote a WordPress timetable-plugin by ourselves.

Design and style can be freely selected and enables individual visions. All important questions belonging the visitors eg. „what happens when and where“ will be answered.
Different filter- and searching functions enables a tailormade selection of all lectures you can’t miss!
Colors indicate the lanes and slots so you get a quick overview.

A succesful event-procedure – that considers all dynamic processes and structures for space, time and persons – is the most important factor.
Our skillful structured timetable guarantees satisfied organizers and visitors.

The timetable-plugin is used in our event-app as a part of our „WelcomeEvents“-Offer.

Further information:
–  Bits&Pretzels App
–  Event-Apps


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