The past bits & pretzels festival (25th to 27th of september in Munich) brought founders and corporates from different countries to the table or rather in one hall. And also to the “Oktoberfest”.

Granted, on the first sight bavarian “Wiesn” tradition and startups do not have much or anything in common. But the visitors of the third bits & pretzels founder festival in Munich did experience, that these two areas can be combined in spite of their differences.

On the first two days Kevin Spacey and Richard Branson gave some interesting input. On day 3 everyone met on the “Wiesn”. Every table had a so-called table captian, a person from the startup-, corporate- or media scene, for interesting discussions over a glass of beer (or more).

Next to many other startups we were represented as exhibitors at the event and we were able to make a lot of interesting contacts. Moreover we used our software solution to provide a huge screen in the entrance area with information about program and speakers.

Bits & pretzels 2017 – we will be there!