The latest app from the house of Fabrik19 is literally an affair of the heart.

Since summer 2017 we have an partnership-based cooperation with the international operating aid organisation „humedica e.V.“ from Kaufbeuren. Humedica started the project „Presents from the heart“ in 2003.

The aim of the project is giving away Christmas presents for children in need. Up to 90.000 packages per Chistmas season have been given away from humedica e.V. in the last few years. Punctual to Christmas Eve gets needy children their Christmas presents in many different parts of the world.

Students from the University of Augsburg had the idea to develop an app that creates a personal connection to the children. The package-packers can track their „Presents from the heart“ from the collecting point until the personal handover.

The first version of the app was made by the students independently. Now we support humedica e.V. with our digital Knowhow. For our managing directors and all Fabrik19 employees is it important to assume social responsibility.


While the package is on the way, the app user can exactly see where his package is: From the collecting point to the humedica head office on the truck. At the end the user receives a photo from the endowed child.

The donor gets a push message at every station via QR-Code. The QR-Code is printed at the “Presents from the heart”- Flyer or can be generated via app. Now it´s easy for donors to register their package in the app via QR-Code-scan. At each station gets the QR-Code of the package scanned and recorded.

The content and features of the app are adapted to the package-packers, thus the graphics are child-friendly. Adults who want to send one or more presents, gets further information like statistics or news regarding the project or collecting-points within spitting distance.


In addition to the “Presents from the heart”-App we developed the “Assistant-App” further. This app is used for scanning the packages at the several stations.

The „Presents from the heart“– App is available on the App Store for Android and iOS.


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