With our premium technology, the Mobility Suite mos., mobile apps can be created within a matter of time. As the market is constantly changing and driven by innovations, we as developers are also facing the challenge of reacting to the latest updates as soon as possible. We have added further features to the Mobility Suite on the occasion of the recently released new operating system versions Android 10 and iOS 13:

Dark Mode

Both iOS and Android introduced the “Dark Mode” function in their latest operating system versions. All menu items are displayed in darker colors to protect the user’s eyes and save battery power. We have extended our Mobility Suite with this feature, so that all apps can now be used in dark mode. This works via different layers of the app, which are displayed according to the user’s settings.

Loading Spinner

A little side-effect for the loading time of the app: Show your users who you are with personalized loading spinners. Even if our apps are loaded within a very short time, your personalized Loading Spinner is definitely a real eye-catcher.

Individual Push Notification Sounds

Stand out from all apps the user has installed: Thanks to the option to set individual sounds for push notifications, the user will immediately recognize when he receives a notification from your app.