The mobility suite mos. is a premium software solution to create mobile applications for smartphones, tablets and kiosk systems in a minimum of time and highest quality.

WHY should I use this software?

Safe time and money and create your app efficiently at the highest level of quality.

Conventional app development is expensive and it is getting even more complex due to the fast developing smartphone industry. The differences in the three common operating systems iOS, Android and Windows10 usually require appropriately specialized developer when deciding to build an app for all operating systems.

While using our mobility suite mos., native apps for all three operating systems can be created almost simultaneously without any developer skills. Hence, a huge amount of time and costs can be saved.

FOR WHAT can I use mos.?

Mos. can be used for the construction of so-called applications. These small applications, whether it is a marketing-app, a service-app, an e-learning-app, a process-app, an administration-app or any other app-project, can be used on smartphones, tablets and kiosk-systems.

HOW does mos. work?

The app is configured with editor. Hence, programming effort can be prevented with the mobility suite. The creation and development of the app can be seen directly on the smartphone. mos. has several interfaces for common content management systems, social media systems and also ERP or CRM systems that can be attached easily. In that sense existing content can be inserted in the app (and also the other way around) without having to update the content twice. That allows efficiency also during the operation of the app. You need an app update? Thanks to mos. you can do that immediately without distributing through the stores or using MDM/EMM solutions.

WHO can use mos.?

The mos. software is perfect for agencies, companies and organizations that want to create apps efficiently in high quality without taking any compromises. mos. is also popular in the use of white label solutions, for example for retailers. Here it offers huge scalability advantages in contrast to conventional development.

WHERE is mos. already used?

mos. is already used in many applications. From an app for the “Online Marketing Rockstars Festival” and a simple prospect- app for a construction market to a rather complex real estate- app with extranet functions, an innovative city- app or an app for a professional sports team.


HOW MUCH are the costs of mos.?

The mobility suite mos. is licensed through the Fabrik19. The license costs depend on the extent of the usage of our software. Currently we distinguish between and is suited for the usage in agencies and organizations. is for app-projects of companies that want to optimize their internal processes with an app. You can find an overview of our license model here.

WHAT is the difference to traditional app- construction kits?

Construction kits for apps offer the opportunity to create apps in shortest time in usually always the same pattern and a few design templates. Many of them base on HTML5 implementations and are not native apps. This construction kits are sometimes suitable for small associations and small businesses that want to open up to the mobile world and have little requirements in individual function and design. The mobility suite mos. offers the full stack to an individual and full functional creation of mobile B2C, B2B & B2E applications, including editor, push, beacons, profiler, monitoring, analytics and much more.

You have further questions? We answer them gladly!

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