We rock Hamburg!

Our OMR festival app is the ultimate organzation tool. The masterclass feature was a success and all stroeer steles on the festival area were brought to life with our technology.


The official app for the OMR festival 2016 was already developed by us. Of course, the current version is also based on our mobility suite mos. and provides many new features. The 2016 app was only updated and equipped with the new features. Between the festivals in 2016 and 2017 the app functioned as a podcast- and blog-app for all OMR fans.

Ticket Scan. Your ticket in the app. Very handy – we think so, too. The OMR visitors can scan the OR-Code on the ticket and have automatically all their personal events and dates in “my plan”.

Social Feed. News and (fun) facts of the social media world in the app. Hence, the visitor is always up-to-date and does not have to switch between twitter, instagram & co all the time.

Timetable. The festival is full of events. The feature „timetable“ offers an overview. And the best part is: with only one click you add an event to your personal event planer.

Map. Granted, there are bigger congresses, but still, you can easily get lost at the festival. The map in the app is very useful at this point.

Speaker & Exhibitors. Lots of speakers and even more exhibitors. Clearly shown and with useful filters. The favorite speakerslots can easily be transfered into the own event planer with one click. Moreover, visitors can use a form to arrange meetings with exhibitors – it doesn´t get any easier!

My Plan. The personal event planer, full with speakerslots, masterclasses and lectures of your choice. And how to set up a personal event planer without tiping every single event in your smartphone? Every lecture, every masterclass, every event is signed with a little star. A click on the star adds it to the personal event planer – with all relevant information. The clou is that you get a push notification 15 minutes before the event for every event that is in your planer.

Masterclass Feature

The number of masterclasses has more than doubled in comparison to the last year. A tool to professionally manage the registrations was needed. We gladly developed this application for the festival, even though it is far from “mobile”.

Participants were able to sign in to the masterclasses a month before the festival in the plattform. Only the ticket ID was necessary.


The social feed for the hashtag #OMR17 was on ALL stroeer steles on the festival area. Directly, without time lag all tweets, posts etc. relating to the festival. Your welcome, dear festival visitors.




After safely arriving back in Giessen we got an email from Birthe Ziegler, Head of Digital Products, Online Marketing Rockstars:

Dear Fabrik19-Team,

thank you for the numbers and the excellent work! We are very satisfied and happy that the app was again working well! You did always think along and react very fast. We are very satisfied with your support. Many thanks to all from our team! We already have first ideas for next year and we hope we can outdo the success from this year. 😉 That was awesome!

We are very moved and say THANKS! We are looking forward to upcoming projects.