/ Well-equipped with the Globus Baumarkt app

Well-equipped with the Globus Baumarkt app

Going shopping at the home improvement store without leaving the house? No problem at all with the user-friendly Globus Baumarkt app, which we created in close cooperation with Globus. The app combines the online shop, special offers, store information and much more. Especially during the pandemic, this is a good alternative to visiting the store in person.

Continual development of the Globus Baumarkt app

A lot has happened since the app first became available in 2015. A first version focused mainly on the special offer brochure and general store information. Useful tools like a spirit level were gradually added. At the beginning of 2018, a major update then offered the new option of shopping via the app and creating a personal account. For this purpose, the company’s online shop was integrated into the app using Shopware 5. Also, the option of receiving push notifications about new offers is well received by customers: each Sunday, over 240.000 notifications are delivered successfully.

Together with Globus, we are constantly working on optimizing the app – technically as well as concerning usability. For this, functions are adjusted, and configuration updates are carried out regularly. Employees of Globus control the content of the app themselves, partly using our tools in doing so. For example, the offers are maintained as banners in the app via screem. Screem is a digital signage software developed by us, which enables its users to project digital messages onto screens.

At this moment, the Globus Baumarkt app offers the following features:

  • Integrated Online Shop
    • Browse through over 60.000 articles with a personalized account
    • Reserve & order in the selected market
    • Create a shopping list with desired items
    • Access to all past orders
  • Offers
    • Browse current brochures
    • Overview of special offers in the homescreen
    • Push notifications of new offers
  • Market Information
    • Contact information, opening times, upcoming events
    • Current menu of the company’s own restaurants
    • Overview of current petrol station prices
  • Customer Card
    • Personal Digital customer card always with you in the app
    • Overview of current bonus status
  • Useful Tools
    • Spirit level and material scanner
    • Barcode scanner for product details
    • Additionally in iOS version:
      • Ruler and protractor

Unceasing optimization process

At the moment, a new Scan & Pay function is being tested in the Hofheim store, which customers can use to scan their items while shopping. They can then pay for the created list easily without having to scan them again. This speeds up the checkout process considerably. We are constantly working on additional enhancements for the app.

In summary, the Globus Baumarkt app helps customers plan their visit clearly and with foresight or order needed materials directly via the app. The application expands Globus Baumärkte’s digital offer and strengthens the cooperation between Fabrik19 and Globus that has existed since 2015.

The Globus Baumarkt app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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