/ The combination of an aggregation app and a white label app

The combination of an aggregation app and a white label app

In earlier blog posts, we already presented the “ApothekenApp” as an aggregation application for pharmacies and the individual pharmacy apps developed according to the white label process. This article will now look at the combination of these options and the resulting advantages. Apart from pharmacies, both methods can also be used in numerous other areas, such as sports club or department store apps.

Aggregation apps

Using our Mobility Suite mos., we can enable companies, associations, and clubs to create aggregation apps. In these, they can list their own customers or partners and offer them various functions. A case in point for an app like this is the “ApothekenApp”. For the provider’s customers or partners, this process involves less effort and fewer costs than developing their own standalone app.

Moreover, it is a pleasant solution for providers themselves as no additional IT knowledge is required. Plus, only one single app has to be maintained. In summary, this saves time and money while also creating strong customer loyalty. Moreover, each standalone app requires its own account in the app store. App users, on the other hand, find everything they need at one glance in the app. In addition to numerous selection options, they also find a lot of information on the listed items without any further search.

The white label app

If you want to go one step further, it makes sense to offer additional individual apps using the white label process. While this is not a requirement, it has many other benefits. In addition to the aggregation app, in which customers or partners of the provider can choose from subscription packages of different sizes, they could also be found as a separate entry in the app stores through an individual app. This represents a valuable unique selling point and strengthens interested app users’ customer loyalty. Furthermore, additional and more specific functions can be offered in individual apps. Examples for this are the pollen count and a guide in the individual pharmacy apps. By offering individual apps of varying scope, every customer has the opportunity to decide for themselves which offer suits them best.

One of the white label pharmacy apps including its additional functions: the pollen count and pharmacy guide.

Numerous possibilities

Interested associations, clubs or companies can use our premium software Mobility Suite mos. to develop an aggregation application. In a further step, they are able to offer their partners or customers an individual app using the white label process. Customers thus have the option of ordering an individual app in addition to being listed in the comprehensive aggregation app. Both app options are based on our company’s Mobility Suite mos. and can be fully integrated into the provider’s systems. External data can be integrated via API interfaces, for instance. Of course, both options can also be offered individually. But in combination, they bring the most advantages and represent the best offer for customers and partners.

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