/ The app SCALE-IT – a smart helper for Axicorp

The app SCALE-IT – a smart helper for Axicorp

SCALE-IT – it represents smart assistance for the acquisition of batch data and work performance. Axicorp GmbH developed an app on the basis of our Mobility Suite mos. in order to optimize individual work stages. After downloading the app, employees can gain access to the application by entering their personnel number. After that, they have the opportunity to track the pending work steps and report disturbances within the production process.

A small insight into the SCALE-IT app.

Process Optimization via app

In summary, the app helps corporate management gain a better understanding of the duration of and the occurring problems within the process of individual work steps. On the basis of the collected data, it is then possible to identify problematic areas within the production route and make optimizations along the work process.

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