/ Take your favorite pharmacy wherever you go

Take your favorite pharmacy wherever you go

Staying in contact with your favorite pharmacy, pre-ordering required medication at any time, and keeping an eye on your own medication intake and medicine supply at the same time? All this is possible with the “ApothekenApp”. On behalf of apotheken.de, we at Fabrik19 transferred the existing “ApothekenApp” to our own Mobility Suite mos. and optimized it in the same step. While this post will highlight the features of the app, the following posts will concentrate on the implementation and technology.

The potential of the “ApothekenApp”

In the app, users can select their favorite pharmacy, provided it is available there. This way, they are always up-to-date and in contact with the respective pharmacy. Additionally, the app also bundles numerous useful features in a clear and user-friendly way. At the same time, the “ApothekenApp” is a convenient way for pharmacists to keep up with the ongoing digitization. They can decide for themselves which functions they want to offer their customers. Moreover, each pharmacy receives its own access account for the administration portal. This way, they can manage the pharmacy’s presentation in the app and the incoming pre-orders.

Pre-Order and manage medication

If customers need medication, they can conveniently pre-order them via the app and their pharmacy’s linked online shop. Some pharmacies also offer a delivery service. To find the required medicine, app users can either use the general search function or the barcode scanner. For prescription drugs, a photo of the prescription can easily be uploaded. Alternatively, the e-prescription can be scanned to conveniently order from home.

The integrated pill box also provides users with a constant overview of the medication they are taking and have at home. You can create accounts for several people and, if necessary, be reminded of the intake via push message at the desired time. By entering the expiry date and the size of the stock of medicines, the inventory of the user’s medicine cabinet can always be called up. If one kind of medicine is running low, it can be put directly into the shopping card with a single click.

An overview of the features of the ApothekenApp

Always in contact with your favorite pharmacy and all information at hand

The homepage of the app shows your favorite pharmacy’s most important information. Among other things, the owner, opening hours, address and contact details are listed here. Users can easily save this data as a contact in their smartphone’s address book. Selected pharmacies also offer a chat option that customers can use to inquire about the status of their pre-order or the availability of certain medications. Individual pharmacies also offer individual appointments for a digital consultation via the app. The video chat itself runs directly via the app as well. Moreover, the homepage offers an area for the news of the day. In this area, apotheken.de provides information on current topics in the field of pharmacy. In another area, users can see a list of the pharmacies that are currently on emergency service. The clear display enables the fastest possible search for the nearest pharmacy in an emergency.

The optimization process and individual pharmacy apps

After the complete revision of the app, users now have new functions at their disposal. For instance, it is now possible to use an e-prescription to pre-order medicines in the app. Also, we optimized user interfaces and made the app even more modular for more intuitive operation. Further adjustments are currently in progress. For the best possible development, the project is implemented according to Scrum. Plus, we stay in close contact with those responsible at apotheken.de.

The pharmacies available in the “ApothekenApp” are also presented with the opportunity of offering an individual app for their pharmacy in the store. This is an extended offer from apotheken.de. This unique selling point is implemented using the white label process and can include additional features such as pollen count. Moreover, users can choose between the different subsidiaries of a pharmacy. An individual app is particularly useful regarding customer loyalty. It allows customers to find their favorite pharmacy more easily and as an individual app in the store.

The ”ApothekenApp” is available for download free of charge in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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