Globus SBW – Digital Signage

We have equipped the Globus department stores with intuitive digital signage systems.In addition to the classic leaflet for digital browsing, the stele contains a practical article finder combined with innovative indoor navigation, which saves a lot of time when shopping. In the “Baking with Globus and Sally” section, there are cooking and baking videos to […]

Seltersweg Giessen – Digital Signage

The two digital interactive steles attract many curious pedestrians. As an innovative and modern BID (Business Improvement District), Seltersweg e.V. in Giessen operates the double-sided steles together with our daughter company DISTAMA GmbH. Information about event and sports dates, stores, service providers and restaurants, bus departure times, the weather situation and much more can be […]

Globus Baumarkt – Digital Signage

In the Globus DIY store, you can search for your desired article at the kiosk steles and be guided directly to the corresponding shelf. In addition, the terminal provides information about offers, promotions or new jobs in the store. A product scanner shows the customer the price of the scanned product. If a “Trefferia” is […]