/ Scan & Pay – The new function in the Globus Baumarkt app

Scan & Pay – The new function in the Globus Baumarkt app

As their technological companion, we have been supporting Globus Fachmärkte in the development and digitization of its 90 Globus home improvement stores since 2015. That same year, we developed the Globus Baumarkt app using our premium software Mobility Suite mos. Since then, it has been continuously optimized and further developed. Recently, we have been working on the implementation of the new Scan & Pay function into the app and all Globus home improvement stores. You can find out more about this new function in the following article.

Scan & Pay in the Globus Baumarkt app

Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the home improvement store company, we were able to enrich the Globus Baumarkt app with an additional function. Thanks to Scan & Pay, the tedious and time-consuming task of moving products from the shopping cart to the checkout conveyor and back again is history. Customers can already scan their products while shopping and then only have to show a QR code to the cashier to pay for their purchase. Scanning is done using your own smartphone in the app we developed. Thus, no external scanning devices are required. This gives customers an overview of their previous purchases at all times. Globus home improvement stores are the first of their kind to offer this function, which is more commonly known from the grocery business.

The digital receipt

An additional function that has been newly integrated into the app is the digital receipt. It is provided by an external service provider and can be used without time-consuming registration. In addition, customers can use the app to always keep track of receipts from previous purchases in Globus home improvement stores. Moreover, the use of the digital receipt represents another step towards sustainability.

The shopping process with the new Scan & Pay function

Tested in selected markets

The Scan & Pay function had been previously tested in several test markets. After positive feedback from customers, we were then commissioned by our long-standing customer to integrate the function into the app to become available in all Globus home improvement stores. The release is currently in full swing and is expected to be completed at the end of August. Nevertheless, we are continuously working on further optimizing the app using customer feedback in order to make shopping with the Globus Baumarkt app as user-friendly as possible.

Initial feedback

First reactions from customers show that the new function is well received. “Even without any promotion on our part, the Scan & Pay function has already been very well received during the first weeks. Customers particularly praise the digital receipt and the quick checkout, mainly because of time savings that come with it. We are confident that the offer will be used more and more as it becomes better known among customers,” says Sarah-Jane Baldacchino, who works in the IT/organization department at Globus Fachmärkte. Further optimizations are already in progress. For instance, the online shop is currently being migrated to Shopware 6 and customers will soon be able to pay directly in the app when shopping on site.

We are particularly proud to have been able to accompany Globus Fachmärkte on their path to digitization for so many years. We are just as pleased about the positive customer feedback on the new function, as we are looking forward to many more joint projects with the company.

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