/ Possibilities and advantages of digitization in the field of medicine and medical technology using the example of the “ErstHelden”-App

Possibilities and advantages of digitization in the field of medicine and medical technology using the example of the “ErstHelden”-App

Digitization is making rapid progress in the medical sector. By now, it also enables laypeople without sound medical knowledge to refresh their knowledge in medicine and track their own health data. For instance, there are numerous fitness or diet apps and wearables that store their user’s health data. This way, people can monitor themselves, their health and their progress. The advancing digitization is also a benefit for the first aid sector. For example, the “ErstHelden” app immediately shows a layperson where the nearest automated external defibrillator (AED) is located. This can save lives in an emergency. At the same time, the app offers a large library with information in the correct behavior for various emergency situations.

Digitization in medicine and medical technology

The increasing digitization opens up numerous opportunities for better examinations, diagnoses and treatments, especially in the field of medicine. It can also enable more efficient care and support for patients and offer an improved quality of life for people with chronic diseases. Smartphone applications and other digital solutions for medical examinations and treatments and tracking one’s own health data is becoming increasingly popular amongst users themselves. For instance, some mobile applications are used to document fitness data or remind people to take their medication. In general, there is a trend towards an increase in app-based processes and services in this context. Thus, digitization evidently has arrived in the healthcare sector as well as in the field of medical technology.

The “ErstHelden” app – an example

Digital medical applications not only simplify work for medical staff but are also highly relevant for laypeople in their everyday life. An example for this is the “ErstHelden” app we developed on behalf of CRS medical. It was developed on the basis of our low-code framework Mobility Suite mos. and is intended for laypeople who can find information on the first-aid process in case of an emergency. Using a search function, the app helps users find the nearest automated external defibrillator (AED) as fast as possible. Plus, the implemented knowledge library provides information about the correct behavior in different emergency situations.

The mobile app has several advantages: First, no prior medical knowledge is required to find and use one of the AEDs. This is due to the fact that everything a user needs to know in an emergency is communicated via the app. Second, most people always carry their phone with them. This way, the app can provide lifesaving information immediately. Last, thanks to the targeted instructions in the smartphone application, more people are losing their fear of doing something wrong when helping people in need. This increases the likelihood that laypeople will act more confident when providing first aid in an emergency situation.

Possibilities of digitization in medicine

The “ErstHelden” app emphasizes the importance of reliable data transfer. Of course, this not only applies to emergency situations, but can also play an essential role in medical examinations or one’s own health data. Furthermore, the ‘healthy lifestyle’ trend increases the relevance of the app format for the medical aids industry. Moreover, medical equipment for the home care sector is becoming increasingly popular as well. Those digital solutions and applications are often designed for laypeople and allow patients to act and live more independently. For instance, there are companies that now offer sensory products that work similarly to smartwatches and can be used by stroke patients to track their data. A separate app is often responsible for data transfer and recording. Virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are also increasingly finding their way into healthcare and can be implemented into the app format and other digital solutions.

Numerous uses and benefits

All in all, such digital solutions can save a lot of time, personnel, and costs. Medical examinations and treatments are becoming more flexible, accessible, and efficient. Plus, the options for analyzing, sharing and storing health information are constantly being optimized. Also, the quality of life of people with chronic diseases, for example, can be noticeably improved. Digital solutions could also be used for knowledge transfer in the field of medical training.

On the other hand, an employee app would be ideal for internal agreements and personnel planning. In order to improve and expand communication between doctors and patients or between doctors, digital solutions can also be of use and be expanded as desired. In addition, health apps can be connected to hardware, such as glucose meters, through open interfaces for third-party devices. This also enables the provision of individualized medical products of all kinds. The possibilities of digitization in the medical field range from simple projection of information onto screens to your own native app, and usually come with comparatively low costs. In addition, wishes and requirements can often be implemented precisely.

When it comes to digitization, standing still means going backwards. In order to successfully counteract this, it is essential to further advance digitization in all areas of the company. This is especially the case in medicine and medical technology. We are happy to assist you as a technology partner and turn your ideas and wished into reality. Contact us.

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