/ Our new chat service as an important element of the Mobility Suite

Our new chat service as an important element of the Mobility Suite

The ongoing digitization is changing the way we communicate. Communication is increasingly taking place via digital media and technologies. This forces companies to recognize changes in their customers’ requirements. In order to be able to respond better to such customer needs, Fabrik19 has now developed its own chat service. The chat can be adapted to a wide variety of requirements, and thus enables the configuration of a suitable communication platform for all interested parties.

Plug-in based chat

We decided to develop our own chat in order to further optimize in-app communication and to be able to respond more specifically to our customers’ wishes. We are now offering the chat as an important element of our Mobility Suite in order to precisely cover customer needs. As it is based on a plug-in system, it is possible to work in a strongly project-based manner. In its basic structure, it offers the basic functions of a chat. However, it can be expanded at any time using plug-ins that meet every need. We develop these plug-ins in-house and adapt them to the requirements of our customers in the best possible way. Thus, our chat service can be adjusted to a wide variety of industries and requirements.

Numerous possibilities

In addition to the conventional one-to-one chat, users can also create group chats. For instance, they can set up a group chat between individual customers and the employees of the company. This way, they can answer their customers’ inquiries even more efficiently. Our chat service is also ideal for a company’s internal communication. It can be used in the areas of networking, complaint management or service hotlines as well. Plus, we can guarantee data security. This is due to the fact that no external traffic, such as third-party analysis tools or international servers, is involved. You can decide to trust a third party, do your own data hosting, or leave it up to us.

Our chat service is used in the optimized “ApothekenApp”.

Our chat in the “ApothekenApp”

The relaunched “ApothekenApp” is the first project that employs our new chat service. The installation and adaption of the chat took place simultaneously to the migration of the existing app to the technology of our Mobility Suite. Therefore, it is a new feature of the app itself. This way, users can contact their favorite pharmacy at any time. For example, customers can inquire about the availability of a certain medication or the status of their order. Pharmacies can always stay on top of their messages, too, as the chat can be integrated into their online portal. The integration of app users’ reservations into their personal chat is a plug-in that we developed specifically for this project. As a result, pharmacy staff members always have an insight into the order or reservation in question.

If you have any questions about or are interested in our chat service, please feel free to contact us by phone or via our contact form.

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