/ Fabrik19’s commitment to research in our region

Fabrik19’s commitment to research in our region

Fabrik19 has been supervising and supporting students’ theses and researching experts as well as the students themselves for years, a clear win-win situation.

We are always very happy to be able to support young people with their term papers, bachelor’s or master’s theses in a practical way and provide them with career prospects. In central Hesse, the number of students is comparatively high. In Gießen, for instance, 43.000 students are enrolled at the universities in the winter semester 22/23 – and the numbers are continuously rising.

Benefits for students

Writing a thesis with practical relevance has many advantages for students. This way, they can already obtain professional experience during their studies and gain initial insights into the practical application of their fields of study at the same time. As their expert partner, we can support them in putting the theory they have learned into practice and thus expand their expertise in the respective field.

Nowadays, first practical experiences and contacts in the professional world are expected after the end of one’s studies. Practice-related theses provide the perfect basis for this. Many of the students we worked with have been able to prove in exciting projects that it is possible and even advantageous to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during one’s studies in the real world of work.

Topics are selected in close cooperation with the respective university, the students and us. Usually, we try to involve the students in existing internal and external projects and incorporate their research results directly into them. By working in a team, we get to know the students very well and can potentially offer them long-term prospects in our company.

Our commitment to research

On the other hand, as a medium-sized company, we also benefit from this process. Young talents who work for us and come from the academic field bring current, professional expertise and new, marketable research findings with them. Through this theoretical knowledge, which is then applied in practice, the overall marketability of our products can be continuously optimized. At the same time, the economy of the region can be strengthened.

Our commitment to research is well received by the educational institutions of Gießen. The Vice President for Studies and Teaching at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, Prof. Dr. Katja Specht, for example, says: “Science and practice meet in a prime example in this context. It’s always exciting to see how technology companies like Fabrik19 are driving innovation in our region.”

Choice of topic possible in all divisions

A selection of previous theses in cooperation with Fabrik19

The topics of theses written in cooperation with us are deliberately diverse and range from software development to media and communication to social media systems and more. Regarding our proprietary premium software, the Mobility Suite mos., the theses “Comparison of video chat solutions and integration into the Mobility Suite” and “Conception and development of a content curation API for a standardized connection to the Mobility Suite mos.” were written.

If you are interested in writing a theses or term paper in cooperation with us, or if you have any questions on the subject, feel free to contact us now!

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