/ Agile project management – more than Buzzwords

Agile project management – more than Buzzwords

Over the past months, the event series Feierabend:digital organised by Fabrik19 demonstrated how developers, customers and users can benefit from agile project management. A three-part series under the slogan „When Efficiency and Team Spirit Work Together – Agile Project Management in SMEs“ focused on theory as well as practice while aiming at giving small and medium-sized enterprises an impression on to what extent and how this method is employable for them.

Konstantin Schultz, a certified Scrum Master at Fabrik19, gave insight into the fundaments of „Agile Project Management in Software Development“ in the first part of the series. During his presentation, he was supported by Marina Diemer from Medientage München GmbH. She made clear how the industry event in 2020 was able to profit from Scrum: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event had to be planned and conducted completely online for the first time. Because of lean processes, rapid cycles of initiation and the client’s strong cooperation, the project could be realized effectively and on short notice.

Clear and efficient

The second part then focused on the practical side. Sabrina Brechtle, responsible for project management and the city-wide organizational development of Gießen, explained the product owner’s perspective by using the example of introducing a new function into the city’s online appointment system. Also, a third part was concerned with the question what difference agile project management makes. Verena Leidinger from Globus SB-Warenhaus then elucidated the advantages and disadvantages of agile project management compared to classic project management. She exemplified this by pointing to the development of an app for employees and also hinted at the way the employer side experiences accompanying a project. „Everyone knows what to do in small steps. One does not loose track of all the tasks“, concluded Verena Leidinger.

„We want to tell the whole story together, so that we know what to develop“, said Konstantin Schulz and thereby got to the heart of the goal of an agile approach. Plus, he stated that this does not only involve highlighting the development status of products or the work results, but also questioning the team process, the work methods and the points of intersection. In the end, contractors as well as customers will benefit from this approach.

If you would like to learn more about the topic of agile project management or if you missed the event series, you can find summaries on our YouTube channel.

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