Alongside his position in Fabrik19 GmbH and Distama GmbH, Mark Pralle is board a member of the Hessian „House of IT e.V.“ since couple of  weeks now.

Fabrik19 supports the association, which is a triangle of research, industry and polictics with the task to promote innovative information and communication technologies in Europe, since the beginning of 2016.

Furthermore, Pralle is especially delighted to be – along with Fabrik19 and Distama  as specialists for retail and smart-city solutions – a part of the project „Digitale Stadt Darmstadt“. „With the support of this pioneering project there is a big task ahead of the House of IT and all participants.“, says Mark Pralle.

The House of IT e.V. combines expertise, promotes collaboration and provides diverse stimuli for the interdisciplinary development and design of innovative IT projects. The members of  the House of IT research future-oriented topics, develop IT training programs, and provide support for small and medium-sized enterprises. The House of IT is a public-private partnership.

Further information about the House of IT: